The Multi-Event View is designed to display your event rosters for multiple events at a quick glance. By doing so, you can quickly evaluate if you have the best mix of talent and experience across your events on a busy day.

In the image above, there are two fully confirmed events listed side by side, representing what we call an "Event Card".

Event Card lists the name and time at the top of the card, as well as, the number of filled/unfilled shifts, and venue details. You can update event and shift details by clicking on the icons in the upper right-hand corner. 

Dragging and Dropping Employees
The Multi-Event View also allows you to schedule events by dragging and dropping employees from the employee list on the left into the event shift.

If you need to move employees from one event to another, simply click on one employee and drag them into another event.

Scheduling an employee can happen using any of the following methods:

Scheduling An Individual
You can send a message to an individual by clicking on the three dots, which will reveal a pop-up. Select "Request Confirmation" to ask the employee if they would like to work the event or select "Manually Confirm" to override the question and confirm the employee for the event.

Scheduling Multiple Employees
You can send a message to All Employees or a specific group of employees by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names. Once the checkboxes have been clicked, the blue "Request Confirmation", "Manually Confirm", and "Announcement" buttons will appear at the top of the Event Card. Click either button to perform your desired action.

By using the Multi-Event View, you will be sure to keep the right balance of employees and experience on your events across several days. 

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