From the calendar view, select an event of your choosing.

Click the “Assign Worker” button within a shift in order to assign staff.

Nowsta will then display every staff member who is eligible to work this position. Nowsta will also display helpful information like staff availability, staff star ratings, as well as the total number of hours each worker is scheduled for that work week.

You can select as many individual staff members as there are shifts open shifts. For example, if you have 3 open shifts, then you can select 3 workers.

When you've selected your staff, you can request their confirmation by selecting Request Confirmations.

Note: If you'd like to confirm staff for a job without giving them the opportunity to accept or decline, select the three dots next to their name after you've assigned them to a shift, then select Manually Confirm.

You can optionally determine whether to send the employee a notification alerting them to their knew shift.

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