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  1. Setting up your Caterease Integration
  2. Transferring events from Caterease to Nowsta
  3. Caterease Integration FAQs

The Caterease integration sends information to Nowsta effortlessly once you've followed the instructions in this page. You have the option of transferring events one-by-one or in bulk. Let's walk through the steps below.

One-by-One Transfer

Once the integration is connected, you will see a Nowsta icon beside the existing icons in your Event Manager. If you've made changes to an event, you can click on that Nowsta icon to transfer the updates into Nowsta. See the image below.

Note: You may have to manually add the Nowsta icon to your Event Manager. To do so, click on the wrench icon in the bottom right hand corner. Then, click on Interfacing in the right column to expose the Nowsta icon. Drag the Nowsta icon to the column on the left and hit Save.

Bulk Event Transfer

If you'd like to transfer multiple events at once, you can do so by clicking the following ribbon at the top of the page: 


Once you've hit Export to Nowsta, you'll see the pop-up below where you can select a date range. Then, hit OK to send the range of events to Nowsta.

Reviewing Transfers in Nowsta

Once you've successfully transferred an event, you'll notice you have a new icon in Nowsta called Caterease. It's the fourth icon at the top of the navigation menu. It gives you access to the feed below. 

Moving forward, any events transferred from Caterease will appear in the feed in Nowsta will display new and updated event details for your review. 

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