Once in awhile, an employee or manager may run into an issue accessing their account. When that happens, you can use this article to cover a few ways to get your employee back on track.

One way to give an employee access to their account is by re-inviting them to your Nowsta account using the steps below:

(1) Go to the Workers page

(2) Send another email invite to your employee by clicking on the envelope icon next to their name

(3) Your employee will receive an email invitation where they can click the Activate button to update their login and password

Most of the time, the issue will occur due to forgetting a password, so you can get the employee back on track with the following reset links:

If a manager forgot their password, you can direct them to the app.nowsta.com password reset link.

If an employee forgot their password, you can have them click on the Forgot Password? link in their Mobile App or direct them to the my.nowsta.com password reset link.

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