Nowsta allows employees to view and respond to jobs in several ways. We allow managers and employees to communicate via the Nowsta mobile app, email, or our website

To view and respond to jobs on the mobile app:

You can view and respond to pending jobs in a few sections of the Nowsta mobile app.

Pending jobs are visible on the Home tab.

Jobs are also visible on the Jobs tab of the app. You can choose to display these jobs in a list view by tapping Cards or in a calendar view by tapping Calendar.

Tap on the job request from any of these views to see more details about the job and to accept or decline a request.

To view and respond to jobs on the Web (

  1. Log-in to 
  2. Go to the Pending Jobs tab.
  3. Click into an event to see the full description (Or stay on the pending jobs screen and Accept / Decline jobs by clicking the respective buttons, as seen in image below)
  4. Select Accept to confirm the job. The job will then appear in the Confirmed Jobs tab.
  5. Select “Decline” if you are unable to work the job

Please let us know if you have any questions at 

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